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Hey! Great To Meet You!

My Name is Sylienne Jolice, entrepreneur, Branding  Coach; I am passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs build their businesses through graphic design and branding. 

We assist with multiple elements. If you want to be more understanding or want to speak about your specific business needs, feel free to set up a consultation with us!

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My Story

I'm from a small place called Plaisance 9th section de point-a-racquet in Haiti. 

I migrated to the  USA at age 17 with my mother and two siblings, and I attended Howard Blake High School. I surmounted so many obstacles and suffered from my parent's absence.

I always wanted to have my own business, but it wasn't easy until to end of 2018; after I got my last child, I said it was time to start the business I call a Lady By the Name Daphnee Lagredelle. She's My coach. She always talks about business on social media. After a live session, I spoke with her, and we started with our coaching. 

In July 2019, I launched My first Online store, Jolie Art. 

It Wasn't Easy, I Was Afraid; the Hard Part was how to balance my business and family.

I Learn The Business World Demands Creativity, Discipline, and Consistent Commitment. I Was Willing To Give It My Best; I Want To Work Toward My Dream As a Mother Of 4 Instead Of Working A Nine To Five Job. Years later, I started with graphic design and coaching Services. 

 I started designing Business cards, Thank you cards, & coaching entrepreneurs on how to create a design on Canva, and coaching entrepreneurs on how to work on their Wix website dashboard.

Now My business has expanded. I am a branding Coach. I am passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to build their business brands through graphic design and branding.

I'm Don't Regret making That Decision.


To Get Started Fell free to Get In touch With Us

+1 305 901 2059

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