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There are no refunds once a purchase is made.

You CANNOT substitute any other design that you purchased for another design.
If your design is still not to your liking after 2 revisions, there are No REFUNDS on your design or revisions paid for.

All designs will take 1-4 weeks for completion unless a rush fee is paid.
Completion dates are subject to change if there is an increase in orders or unexpected technical difficulties.
Completion dates are calculated in BUSINESS DAYS. Business days are Monday-Friday.


After a design is finalized, you CANNOT make additional changes to the design. To make additional changes to a finalized design you must pay for a new design.


The drafting process will consist of 2-4 logo styles to choose from. You are allowerd to 2-4 free changes to the logo drapft you like best!
Please note changes cannot be made to more than 1 logo draft, you must choose one you like best. for additional changes or logo styles you must purchase additional drafts ($25/ 2 additional drafts or charges).


*NOTE* You will have 48 hours to respond to your drafts before it is force finalized and sent over to you! thi helps ensure faster speed with getting orders complete! 

A project is considerd abandined after 1 week of no response at all and will be closed and will require a reopening fee of $25.

Please note abandoned projects for 2 weeks or more a require a reopend fee of $55.00

If the project you purchased was at a different price point before the project was abandoned you MUST PAY THE DIFFRENCE of what the project now costs.


No response on a design draft within 48 hours will result in a forced finalize. Which means that your design will be finalized without your final approval. If you respond after 48 hours and would like changes to your design that has been forced finalized, you must pay $20 for every 2 revisions.

All pricing through Jolie Art LLC is subject to change at any time and
becomes effective upon posting to the site. If there has been an
agreed pricing between (the designer) With the client before changes
have been made, it will remain valid until the project is complete.

After the project(s) have been finalized Website Transfer will be sent to the
email provided. You will have 3 Business days to accept the website
Transfer. After 3 Transfer you will pay a fee of $15 to send back the transfer.

 Graphics Design will be sent by files in PNG, PDF or JPG. Once
designs have been finalized any additions or adjustments will result in an
additional fee of $25 each Graphic design.
Sylienne Creative Design does not offer printing services, these are.
designing services ONLY for now.


If by any means Jolie Art LLC/ Sylienne Creative Design terminated your
project it is a wrongdoing on your part Use of disrespectful or insulting words during conversation Your project will be terminated. we will not be tolerated insult. The result will be termination without a refund.

In unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters, death, illness etc. Project will be terminated or delayed (depending on circumstance) you.
will get a refund if this were to happen on my part.

Website Training 

We offer training sessions for our clients to ensure they are comfortable using.

the website and its features. The training session will be conducted remotely via
Zoom And Other. We recommend scheduling the training session before the
website's launch to ensure that you are fully prepared to use it. The training
session will cover basic features such as content management, updating images,
adding new pages, and more. If you require additional training or support, we
offer ongoing technical support packages that can be tailored to your specific

Please be advised that our prices can change at any time.

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